About us

About us

Monapass is an all-in-one ticketing application that facilitates the travel and leisure experience in the Principality of Monaco.onaco.

This application has been funded by the Prince's Government as part of the Extended Monaco program, and led by the Interministerial Delegation for Digital Transition since its launch in May 2021.

A true digital wallet, it offers a wide range of services for anyone who owns the application:


  • Transport: street parking payment, single tickets or subscriptions of Monaco buses, and MonaBike
  • Leisure: tickets for the Oceanographic Museum, the City Tour buses, the Cinema of Beaux-Arts, the Prince's Palace, the Car Collection of H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco, the Zoological Gardens, and the Grimaldi Forum’s summer exhibition
  • Sport: single or season tickets for AS Monaco football club matches

Why Monapass?

Thanks to this application, you will save precious time by purchasing in-app. In addition, once on-site, you will avoid the queues! You will also have access to practical information and news in real time:

  • Arrival times of the next buses at each stop
  • Availability of MonaBike bikes on an interactive map
  • Parking meters and nearest parking areas
  • Information on the offers of the partners of the application

How it works?

First, you need to download the app:


After creating your account, it's easy: Buy. Scan. Enjoy!

Unit tickets and subscriptions are accessible in your application 24/7.

In just two years, 40,000 users have downloaded the application, and 130,000 tickets have been distributed.