Cookies policy

“Cookies” are files of information, generally small in size, which are identified by a name and may be sent to your browser by a website that you are visiting. They record information about your browsing of a website.

The website uses cookies to ensure the availability and correct functioning of this website in order to optimise your browsing experience.

Technical cookies

Cookie nameServicePurposeRetention
f5_cspmBIG-IPMonitoring performancesSession
f5avr1678584019aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_cspm_BIG-IPMonitoring performancesSession
BIGipServerPOOL_EZPUB_PRODBIG-IPMonitoring performancesSession
TS01a1c963BIG-IPMonitoring performancesSession

Analytics cookies

Analytics or statistics cookies may be installed in order to improve our services. These cookies are used to compile statistics on the number of visitors to the website, for example, and how the various parts of our website are used (which sections and content users visit, how they got there) so that we can make it more interesting and easier to navigate.

The technical data is hosted in the Principality of Monaco.

Analytics cookies placed on the Internet user's terminal make it possible to generate anonymous statistics. The IP address of the Internet user is anonymised to the last 2 bytes.

The table below summarises all of the information about the different technical cookies used on the website:

Cookie nameServicePurposeRetention
pk_id.nnnnnMatomoWebsite visit measures13 months
pk_ses.nnnnnMatomoWebsite visit measures30 minutes

You may change your decision on whether or not to accept these cookies at any time by changing your browser settings, as explained below.

Cookie management

It is the user’s responsibility to manage cookies. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that some parts of this website will no longer work properly if certain cookies have been disabled. The Administration cannot be held liable for this.

You can also proceed as follows:

  • Deleting cookies: it is possible to delete all cookies that have already been placed on your device by clearing your browser history. If you do this, all the cookies from the various websites you have visited will be deleted and saved information (login details, for example) may be lost.
  • Cookie management: you should consult your browser’s cookie management and privacy settings. You can change your browser settings to manage or block cookies at any time. For more information, please refer to your browser’s cookie management policies:

The following pages provide additional information about cookies: